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Our archive lists all past World Yoga Days.

World Yoga Day 2012

Logo Reporters Without Borders

In 2012 WYD has supported Reporters Without Borders an international organisation which fights for freedom of press. Recent events have shown the crucial role of journalists reporting from war zones and area of crisis. Without their endeavor to find out and report the truth no change for the better is possible. This is an extremely demanding and dangerous work. Reporters Without Borders make sure it can be done.

Feedbacks are still in progress. Many thanks to all of you who send us warm regards and pictures of your yoga class!

Feedback from schools which have participated in 2012


Be Still Yoga, Palmerston (New Zealand)

World Yoga Day 2012 at Be Still Yoga, Palmerston, North New ZealandBe Still Yoga, in Palmerston North New Zealand, had a small WYD class but what it lacked in quantity it made up for it in quality! Two hours of yoga asana and meditation with two instructors, Rachel Bradley and Peter McDermott.

Thank you for organising WYD 2012.
Namaste Peter



Yoga Raum Hahlen, Minden (Germany)

World Yoga Day 2012 at Yoga Raum Hahlen, MindenDear Samira and WorldYogaDay-Team,
thanks for the great idea, philosophy and organisation of World Yoga Day 2012!

We have been a small group of five women today and started with metta-meditation. In the following restorative yoga-session we held our mind thankful about living in a country with great freedom and fairness during our in-breathing and wishful for more of these qualities in all countries during our out-breathing. In shavasana we dedicated our commitment to the world-peace. Our hearts are full of good wishes and warmness. Enclosed you will found our picture and smilings.

The collected 60,- € are already sent to the account of "Reporter ohne Grenzen".

Om Shanti & Namaste
Maren Kemme, Yoga Raum Hahlen, Minden


Yogalounge, Roth (Germany)

World Yoga Day 2012 at Yogalounge, Roth Wir haben heute in der proactive YOGALOUNGE im mittelfränkischen Roth mit einem Chakra Flow am World Yoga Day teilgenommen und freuen uns insgesamt 265 € für die gemeinsame Aktion spenden zu können.

Liebe Grüße von den Rother Yogis!
Sandra Schroedel, Yogalounge, Roth



Pori (Finland)

World Yoga Day 2012 at PoriWe had a very nice shiny day here in Pori in Finland. Here are some pictures ot our WYD 2012.

There were over 70 yoga trainers in our WYD 2012. We collected 194,35 Eur for charity.I was very nice to be in this great happening, which is growing every year.

Mirja Lamberg, Pori, Finland



Yogazentrum, Weil (Germany)

We had a great Yoga time today :)

Since a few month I have a small Yoga Centre in South Germany and 8 people came to our event. Sorry there's no picture of us - I read your email now, after all ... but I've made a money transfer of 100 Euro to your account and wish you good luck and success in your activities!!

OM + Namaste,
Anke, Yogazentrum, Weil

Aarhus (Denmark)

World Yoga Day 2012 at AarhusHere is a picture from Aarhus, Denmark where 19 people attended the event.

We had two great hours together and on this sunny sunday. Can't wait for WYD 2013!!

Nadia Lunn, Aarhus, Denmark



Sonnenest, Eisenstadt (Austria)

Here's the link to my "review":

We've had quite some fun today. Again ;O)

Nina Rebekka Shakti Zachs, Sonnenest, Eisenstadt

Association Centre Yoga Equilibre (France)

World Yoga Day 2012 at FranceWir haben uns über Eure gestrige Mail vor dem Welt-Yoga-Tag sehr gefreut, das hat unseren fröhlichen Elan für den Workshop des heutigen Tages noch mehr "gepusht"!

40 yoginis und yogis aus und um Bar-le-Duc in Lothringen (LehrerInnen und Teilnehmende aus den diversen Kursen und Vereinen rund um Bar-le-Duc) haben sich zusammengefunden, um das "Licht des Yoga" durch sich hindurchfliessen zu lassen und in die Welt zu tragen! Diese "lichtvolle" Yoga-Matinée führte von einer einführenden "Licht-Dusche" über die dynamisch-progressiv sich entwickelnde Praxis des "Sonnengrusses" bis hin zur lichterfüllten Atempraxis und Meditation. Mehr als 300 Euros sind ausserdem in unserem Spendentopf gelandet, die wir in den nächsten Tagen auf das Spendenkonto überweisen werden!

Lieben Dank für Euer Engagement, wir wünschen Euch Power und Freude für alle weiteren Aktivitäten ! Und wir freuen uns auf den nächsten World-Yoga-Day!!!
Sibylle Schatz-Botti und François Botti für "Association Centre Yoga Equilibre"


EnergiePunkte, Thiersee (Austria)

World Yoga Day 2012 at EnergiePunkte, ThierseeWe had a great time together today! From 11.00 to 12.00 o’clock we offered a Family-Yoga class and from 12.00 to 1 o’clock we enjoyed Yoga for Beginners. We were a small but wonderful group and I am very thankful for the time we could share together. We collected 87 Euro and I will send you 100 Euro.

Pictures from both classes enclosed and if you like to see some more check my website:

Sabine Rueland, EnergiePunkte, Thiersee, Austria


München (Germany)

World Yoga Day 2012 in MünchenLiebe Samira,
erst einmal vielen Dank für die wunderbare Idee!

Wir hatten mit einer kleinen, aber sehr feinen Gruppe von 5 Personen viel Spaß & Freude und freuen uns sehr darüber, dass wir 41,- € überweisen konnten. Der Yogi-Tee war auch lecker :-)

Liebe Grüße aus München,
Nadja Wetter


Yogagarden (Denmark)

World Yoga Day 2012 at YogagardenHey Samira - World yoga day!

We had a wonderful 2-hours yogaclass. Here are some pictures.

Kind regards,
Pia Lago, Yogagarden


World Yoga Day 2011


In 2011 we have supported UNICEF in their efforts to create access to safe drinking water for everyone in the world. To be more efficient we have focused on one country - Ethopia. The U.N.Human Rights Council affirmed Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation as a Human Right.

Donation so far

US$ 25,484 (17,915 €)

Many thanks to all of you who send us warm regards and pictures of your yoga class!

Feedback from schools which have participated in 2011


AyurYoga Ticino, Maggia (Switzerland)

World Yoga Day 2011 at AyurYoga TicinoDear Samira,
it was a wonderful World Yoga Day with 3 lessons, an ayurvedic meal and music with Mantrachanting and Bajan. We did 3 yoga lessons so that everybody could join us and practise together.

This year the joungest participant was 8 years old and the oldest one 82 !

Patricia A. Schera
AyurYoga Ticino


River Bourne Health Club, Chertsey (UK)

World Yoga Day 2011 at River Bourne Health Club, ChertseyFor the fourth year running, Heather George and Tony Davis organised special Yoga classes as part of World Yoga Day to raise money for UNICEF on Sunday 30tht January at River Bourne Health Club, Chertsey. 42 Yogis and Yoginis took part and others made donations raising a total of £500 with money still coming in.

Tony provided an introduction to World Yoga Day and the particular UNICEF programme that is being supported this year and then two classes were provided by Heather and Jean-Claude Rawady.

Heather and Tony would like to thank all those that participated or made donations, Jean-Claude for his great class and also Graham Dollery and the staff of River Bourne Health Club who worked so hard to create a welcoming environment. Yet again they provided their facilities for free, so that all money raised would go to the charity.

Read more about WYD 2011 at Heather's website

Kidsyoga (Netherlands)

Hi Samira
We had a really nice family yoga session with parent and children, around 17 kids and 13 parents, kids aged between 4 and 16! It was a wonderful way to connect through yoga

thank you for all your hard work,


Clemens A. Frede (Germany)

we had an excellent class - but only 4 people showed up. :-/ oops.
but we collected 90 EU, which I will transfer asap.
thank you for the organization!

have a wonderful day,

Be Still, Palmerston (New Zealand)

World Yoga Day was well supported in Palmerston North, New Zealand, with more than 30 women and men, young and old, enjoying the 2 hour session led by 2 local teachers, Kim Penny and Peter McDermott.

There’s already been interest expressed in WYD 2012! Many thanks to the organisers.


Yogamoment, Arnhem (Netherlands)

We had a great World Yoga Day. This was the first year for us to join in and we instantly decided to make it a tradition for each year.

Tanks for the initiative and till next year!
Hetty Benninga

Tanyayoga, Reichelsheim (Germany)

We had a wonderful Head- and Handstand Class here in Reichelsheim. We had al lot of fun an laughin.

I will say thank you to my Yoginis.

Tanja from Tanyoga


Centre Yoga Equilibre, Savonnières devant Bar (France)

Vielen Dank für Eure Mail heute, Frankreich war dieses Jahr noch immer nicht so stark vertreten beim World-Yoga-Day (obwohl wir unter allen Kollegen ordentlich die Werbetrommel gerührt haben, vielleicht haben aber auch mehrere Gruppen mitgemacht, ohne sich auf der Website anzumelden... weil die ja auf Englisch ist, und das ist ja in Frankreich so 'ne Sache mit der Sprache...). Aber immerhin, und das ist wirklich klasse: in Bar-le-Duc/Lothringen (Nord-Ost-Frankreich) waren immerhin 35 yogis/yoginis auf der Matte, eine schöne "matinée" mit Verbindung in die Welt! In einem Nachbarort hat sich eine Gruppe von 10 Leuten mit dem gleichen Leitmotiv zusammengefunden!

Aus beiden Gruppen werden wir etwas mehr als 400 Euro auf das Spendenkonto überweisen! Lieben Dank für Euer Engagement, wir wünschen Euch Power und Freude für alle weiteren Aktivitäten ! Und wir freuen uns auf den nächsten World-Yoga-Day!!!

Sibylle Schatz-Botti und François Botti für "Association Centre Yoga Equilibre"

LOF Frederikssund (Denmark)

I had been looking so much forward to this day and all my expectations and hopes were met! The sun was shining from a clear frosty and blue sky and 28 people, children, teenagers, men and women of all ages, couples, beginners as well as advanced, came to enjoy a class of yoga here in Frederikssund.

It was my first time participating in this relay and I am already looking forward to next year. I collected close to 2500 DKR (appr. 340 Euros) and transferred the money already.

Yoga teacher Carina Rømer

Proactive, Reichelsheim (Germany)

Namaste Samira, wir haben auch die Yogapraxis dem Element Wasser gewidmet und sind hier in Roth unter anderem durch Shiva Rea's dynamischen Jala Namaskar geflossen. Wir freuen uns, insgesamt 445 € zugunsten von UNICEF überweisen zu können...

Liebe Grüße aus Mittelfranken
Sandra und die Yogis vom proactive

Aoy, Baiphowongse (Thailand)

This is the first time that Thailand has ever participated in World Yoga Day! Thank you for the It's Yoga Thailand team to have supported this charity cause by hosting the event at their beautiful new studio in Asoke.

We had spread out about this events one week before it happened which was actually right after we joined WYD Group. There were about ten people joining the class but those who could not make it to the class also sent us their spirit and energy. The class was full of smiles and laugh and everybody left with their spirit even more lifted. All donation will go to UNICEF to support their effort to create access to safe drinking water for everyone in the world, especially Ethopia for our project, which is part of Human Rights affirmed by U.N. Human Rights Council in 2011.

Thank you all for your energy and support!

Nina Rebekka Shakti Zachs, Eisenstadt (Germany)

We've had a really great Yoga class today! Below some pictures of the partner yoga part. After that came Yoga Nidra so nearly everyone went home really relaxed and joyful.

I absolutely love the idea of World-Yoga-Day and hope to able to join in the queue of teachers again next year.


Norfolk Island (Australia)

Our little group of Yoga students met yesterday here on Norfolk Island and we have raised $125.00. Can you please tell us the best way to deposit these dollars.

Many thanks,
Sarah Quintal

Etage5, Leipzig (Germany)

vielen Dank! Wir waren jetzt in Etage5 in Leipzig und es war superschön, viele liebe Leute da :-)

Danke für die tolle Idee des Yogatages!

Anette Meldaard, Traneberg (Denmark)

Greetings from Denmark – Yogamo and Prevent It.

We had a wonderfull day here in Ikast – full of sunshine and beautiful people. Enclosed find our picture from World Yoga Day 2011, Ikast Denmark.

Thanks again for this beautifull event.

Love and light
Anette Meldaard

Mirja, Pori (Finnland)

Yoga Day was very good here in Pori (Finland), we joined it for the first time and our gym was full and we enjoyed that yogaenergy that we sheared.


Open Mind Yoga (Ireland)

we raised €308 for our class here in ireland. There were approx 30 who attended. it was great!

Thank you. We will send the money by bank transfer hopefully today.

Looking forward to next years event!

Simplyyoga, Itzehoe (Germany)

world yoga day - join us 2011... heisst für uns, dass wir mit 32 Teilnehmern dabei waren! Das erst im September eröffnete Yoga Studio simply yoga, Itzehoe, Bahnhofstrasse 15 von Susanne Giebler war bis auf den letzten Platz ausgebucht und wir haben Euro 525 als Spende für Unicef zusammen. Darüber freuen wir uns sehr :)

Nach fliessendes Yoga im Vinyasa Stil von Christine Storm, first yoga und Susanne Giebler folgten entspannende und kraftvolle Klänge einer Gongmeditation und gechantete Mantren von Jessica Werner, Kundalini Yoga. Spätestens bei indischem Chai Tee und veganem Schokokuchen gabs dann nach 120 Minuten für jeden Yogi die sonntägliche Entspannung.

Danke an alle for joining simply yoga!

Elize Taljaard, Oh!Yoga, Tzaneen (South Africa)

Hari Om Samira
We had a great yoga day in South Africa! We were 13 beautiful souls together from 11am-1pm on a hot African summer's day. We raised 108.00 Euro (paid into your PayPal account).

Regret no photos, but next year for sure.


Sandra Vincenz, Erzhausen (Germany)

super ists für uns und das 1. mal gelaufen. 22 große und kleine yogi´s und yoginis waren mit von der partie und es kamen 230 euro an spenden zusammen, die ich in kürze überweisen werde. bei keksen obst und tee gab es noch nette gespräche und wir sind erschöpft aber glücklich nach hause gegangen.


Lilli & Kathi, Vienna (Austria)

thank you so much. we had a beautiful class here in vienna. this year it was not quite as much :-/ 300 euros, we have wired. but we r happy we could contribute!! could you please send as kind of invoice ahain?

until next year!
lilli and kathi from bikram yoga vienna

Arno Schatz, Dortmund (Germany)

Hallo Sonja,
hier ist ein Bild von unserer kleinen, aber feinen Yogatruppe. Wir hatten viel Spaß, haben geschwitzt und sind wieder in die Entspannung gesunken ;)

Es sind 50 € zusammen gekommen.

Entspannte Grüße
Arno Schatz

Yoga Dome "patagOM LILA", Puerto Natales (Chile)

as every year we did enjoy this great day at the end of the world in Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile in the Yoga Dome "patagOM LILA". As this year the donations is going to Africa with the focus of WATER should be a human right the surroundings in the yogaacademy were just perfect. The yogaacademy with its "dry bath" saving water around 2000liters /person/month using the W.C without water was really the perfect place being aware of this element because there is also no access of it yet. Having this great oportunity doing good to some place&people in this world collectivly is so powerful!

Thank you for this.
Susanne Steiger

Yogaraum Minden (Germany)

Dear Samira, Dear Sonja,
although participation here in Minden was little, we had a very precious and warm-hearded World Yoga Day 2011. We began with metta-meditation, then had a powerful yoga-session followed by a sequence of opening and relaxing asanas, savasana and metta-meditation with dedication again. The energy built up was a very positive one, which we enjoyed all together smiling with chai and indian sweets afterwards. Unfortunately, no photo... Thanks and love to all participants!

Today, I sent 161,- € collected donation directly to Unicef as I do not have paypal.

Thank you for the idea and organisation of World Yoga Day, we will join again next year.
Maren Kemme

DO Yoga, Baden (Switzerland)

Dear Samira
we had a great WYD here in Baden (near Zurich), with a lovely brunch afterwards ;-)

for an impression read our blog. the pictures you can find here.

here was even a journalist among the participants, we had a great text today in the newspaper..

Thanks a lot for your organisation of the WYD.
Looking forward for WYD 2012.

Beatrix Weber (Germany)

We had a great world yoga day too with Yoga and Meditation and cake and tea afterwards. It was lovely.

best regards
Beatrix Weber

Nicky Felbert, Cape Town (South Africa)

Here are a few pictures of our yoga class. We had 60 participants, and a beautiful Sri Sri Yoga class by Gerlinde Vassen. I would love to do it again next year, and get even more people involved! People have been given your web details in order to donate.

Thank you for promoting such a fantastic cause!
Nicky Felbert

Krystle Keller (Germany)

We had a great class and weekend, unfortunately our turn out wasn't as large as usual, but we found a way to raise 160$ . Not bad for a little school. We are going to send our check directly to UNICEF, how shall we distinguish to them that the money was raised through world yoga day?

Hope you are doing well look forward to being part of the wyd process this next time around.

Turku Yoga (Finnland)

We had about 60 persons present in yoga session. Our local newspaper made a story about the yoga session and it was published beforehand on 29.1.2011 as an advertisement. We will pay donations to the bank account you sent within few days.

Leila Simula

Maja Meyer-Beining und Elke Borrmann, Ostfriesland (Germany)

we had a fine yoga-time on sunday. Though we live in a rather small village in Ostfriesland, there were 40 people (women, men and girls) to join the lesson. We collected 265 € with was sent direktly to UNICEF.

We thank all those people, who hat that fine idea, to start this great yoga-projekt and I hope, we can join it next year again.
Maja Meyer-Beining und Elke Borrmann


World Yoga Day 2010

In 2010 we have supported Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, also known as Doctors without Borders) an independent international humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency medical aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters or exclusion from health care in more than 60 countries around the world.

Donation so far

US$ 37,115 (27,000 €)

Feedback from schools which have participated in 2010

Ayuryoga, Minusio (Switzerland)

World Yoga Day 2010 at YogaSana, Barcelona08.45 Morgenpraxis und Meditation
11.00 Yoga zu zweit
13.45 Yoga und Etik
15.15 Meditatives Konzert mit Flöte, Gong und tibetische Klangschalen mit Peter Treichler von

Es war ein Tag der öffenen Türen und obwohl der Anlass nicht von den Medien veröffentlicht wurde, sind 30 Personen gekommen. Der Faden der Einheit durch Yoga war sehr spürbar.

Patricia Arianna Schera

YogaSana, Barcelona (Spain)

World Yoga Day 2010 at YogaSana, BarcelonaHello,
We participated for the first time and we had a wonderful yoga class in Barcelona! We already transfered the money to your account. Thank you for turning into reality and organizing this wonderful idea and we hope to join next year again. We would like to thank 2estones for donating their space and the participants for donating money to Doctors without borders!

Heike Lamprecht

Namaste Yogaschule, Lappersdorf bei Regensburg (Germany)

World Yoga Day 2010 at Namaste Yogaschule, LappersdorfLiebe Initiatoren,
vielen Dank für die prima Koordination des World-Yoga-Days 2010. Wir waren 16 Leute und haben zwei Stunden lang Hatah-Yoga mit Asanas und Pranajama praktiziert. Dabei haben wir unsere Gedanken immer wieder in die ärmeren Regionen dieser Erde geschickt und auch 200,-- Euro für Ärzte ohne Grenzen gesammelt, die wir gleich am nächsten Tag angewiesen haben. Es waren zwei schöne energetische Stunden und im nächsten Jahr sind wir in jedem Fall wieder dabei.

Namaste und liebe Grüße,
Ulrike Skolny

Flow Yoga Studio Ramsau, Bad Ischl (Austria)

World Yoga Day 2010 at Flow Yoga Studio RamsauWe had a great WORLD YOGA DAY 2010. Bad Ischl is a small town in the centre of Austria well located between mountains and lakes. 36 people joined us. Remarkable was, that more people with less Yoga background came to join us. They liked the idea supporting MSF. We were able to collect 270,-- Euros.

We are looking forward to be a part of WYD 2011.

Namaste and lots of energy for all your approaching projects.
Beatrix Goslett and Anita Gaisberger

Sri Sri Yoga class, The Hague (Netherlands)

Dear Samira,
I have just transferred the donation I collected during Sri Sri Yoga class in The Hague. Sri Sri Yoga is a part of Art of Living Foundation operated by volunteers in more than 150 countries around the world. Sri Sri Yoga teachers from Rotterdam, Haarlem and here in the Hague were very happy to be able to contribute to the relief work of another non profit organization through participation in the World Yoga Day. Many thanks for organizing this fantastic event!

Wishing you lots of love and blessings!
Tamara Slijepcevic

Be Still, Palmerston (New Zealand)

World Yoga Day 2010 at Be Still, PalmerstonHello

Here in Palmerston North, New Zealand, 12 people came along for two enjoyable hours of yoga asana for World Yoga Day 2010. Thanks for organising the event, we look forward to participating again in 2011. You are welcome to use the photo attached for your website.

We raised NZ$70 (€35 EUR) in donations and I sent it via Paypal this morning.


balance - Forum für Bewegung und Bewusstsein, Neustadt (Germany)

World Yoga Day 2010 at balance - Forum für Bewegung und Bewusstsein, NeustadtAuch wir waren dabei. Gerne möchte ich einige Eindrücke und ein Foto von unserem WorldYogaDay im balance Bad Neustadt schildern. Wir trafen uns um 11.00 Uhr im balance Bad Neustadt und hatten zwei wunderschöne Yogastunden mit Asanas  und  Meditation. Anschließend luden Elke und Micha  zu einem  Mantra-Singen ein. Wir hatten wirklich das Gefühl mit allen Yogapraktizierenden auf der Welt verbunden zu sein. Wie schön, dass es so einen YogaTag gibt. Danach konnten wir energiegeladen den Sonn-Tag genießen. Nächstes Jahr sind wir sicher auch wieder dabei.

Der Dank geht an unsere Yogis und Yoginis, die durch ihre Spenden die diesjährige Hilfsorganisation "Ärzte ohne Grenzen" mit 300 € unterstützen konnten.

Mit yogischen Grüßen,
Christine Satya Breitenbücher

Tarema, Pfullingen (Germany)

World Yoga Day 2010 at Tarema, PfullingenHallo Samira,

es freut mich sehr, dass wieder so Viele mitgemacht und gespendet haben. Wir hatten einen sehr bereichernden, berührenden Yogamorgen im Tarema; mit vier Kindern und sechs Erwachsenen.

Herzlichen Dank für euer Engagement und eure guten Energien,
sat nam, Elena

Yoga Matrix, Frechen (Germany)

World Yoga Day 2010 at Kampfsport-Center FrechenMit viel Herz wurde die Yoga-Einheit im Kampfsport-Center Frechen genährt.

Insgesamt sind € 160,- gespendet worden, diese gingen zu Gunsten der Nothilfsorganisation Ärzte ohne Grenzen. Viele Sponsoren trugen mit ihren Gaben zu einer wunderbaren Atmosphäre bei.

Ein herzliches Danke Schön an alle Beteiligten!

Yoga- und Entspannungszentrum and yoga-delight, Hannover (Germany)

World Yoga Day 2010 at Yoga- und Entspannungszentrum and yoga-delight, HannoverHallo Samira,

das ist ja toll!!! wir freuen uns dabei gewesen zu sein.

Mit 18 Teilnehmern konnten wir neben einem Kraftvollen Übungszyklus auch eine 4dimension-osho-meditation und viele tolle Asanas ausprobieren. Wir hatten eine super Energie und ganz viel Spaß!!

Yoga- und Entspannungszentrum/yoga-delight,
Sonja und Alin


World Yoga Day 2009

In 2009 we have supported people in Zimbabwe. The country has been deteriorated in the 28 years regime under Robert Mugabe and brought about massive suffering to its population. Read more further down.

Donation so far

US$ 10,616 (7,500 €)

Feedback from schools which have participated in 2009

River Bourne Health Club in Chertsey, Surrey (UK)

On Sunday the 8th of February 2009 Heather George organised two workshops at River Bourne Health Club in Chertsey, Surrey with four other teachers: Garry Freer, Brenda Twigger, Alex Imbastari and Becky Lennox.  55 people took part and others made donations, which raised over £600.

We joined yoga teachers and schools all over the world donating their time and space to a two hour yoga session devoted to human rights.  The classes were held from 11AM - 1PM, local time in each time zone, which lead to 24 hours of continuous yoga practice around the world.
This year World Yoga Day is supporting people in Zimbabwe. The country has deteriorated in the 28 years regime under Robert Mugabe and brought about massive suffering to its population.

WYD 2009 efforts will be awarded to the people living in the Matshiya Community, a rural based community of Lupane District in Matebeleland North Province of Zimbabwe. It has a population of about 19,500 people staying in 1,080 households in 5 villages.  The money will be used directly for the people living in the Matshiya Community to improve their lives.

As for WYD 2008 and more recently a class on behalf of the CRISIS charity for the homeless, Frank Bennett, Studio Coordinator at River Bourne Health Club offered us their two studios for the event. Adam Spinks from the Café Bar organized refreshments which raised extra money.

I provided an introduction to the day explaining the background to the situation in Zimbabwe and the specific initiative that money raised would go to support. Then two teachers shared the class in each studio. Garry and Brenda taught a dynamic flow yoga class whilst Alex and Becky taught a gentle Hatha yoga one. In each, one taught the warm up, sun salutations and standing postures. This was followed by the other teacher with seated postures, balances, twists and relaxation.  We supported each other by adjusting students as necessary.  After the classes we all joined in the lounge to relax over coffee and nibbles and share our experiences.  Everyone agreed it was worth doing again.

I would like to thank the generosity of all who took part or donated money; the staff of River Bourne Health Club for their time and support; Garry, Brenda, Alex and Becky for their inspirational teaching and generosity, Linda Lowe and my partner Tony Davis for helping with the organisation and Frank & Adam for their belief and enthusiastic help.

Heather George,
Yoga & Pilates teacher and Life Coach based in Surrey

Yogazentrum Ganesha, Vienna (Austria)

The World Yoga Day in Yogacenter Ganesha, Vienna, Austria was very successful! Inspired by the leading motto for the World Yoga Day "all styles – all nations – all people" we extended the offer of the Yogacenter for the 8th of February and tried to integrate the 4 main paths of Yoga (Bhakti: Yoga of devotion, Karma: Yoga of selfless action, Jnana: Yoga of knowledge and wisdom and Raja Yoga: the king path - physical and mental control also known as Ashtanga Yoga):

09.30 - 11.00 Chanting Mantras, Meditation (Bhakti Yoga & Jnana Yoga) - 30 Yogis joined
11.00 - 13.00 Ashtanga Yoga led class with Boris and Nadja (Ashtanga Yoga) - 33 Yogis joined
13.00 - 15.00 Yoga Acrobatics - Also suitable for beginners! - 18 Yogis joined

And where is the Karma Yoga part? The whole event was for all of us on act of Karma Yoga! We offered this day, our yoga practice and the collected donations for the human rights in Zimbabwe. It was so nice to see all of the Yogis joining this very special event and I really didn't expect that so much will respond.

This day will remain special for us also because one of our Yogateachers Veronika get her daughter RONJA in the evening on that day! So we are happy to welcome Ronja as a "World Yoga Day" baby to the earth and send our greetings to Veronika and Evgeni the happy parents.

Additionally to the wonderful and magical energy we collected a donation from: 621,5€ for our friends in Zimbabwe... In the coming week additional donations of 65Euro came and the team of the Yogacenter rounded the donation so we transfered the amount of 800 Euro!

Thank you for organizing this very special  day! When I think back, my heart feel so warm....

And yes, no picture, sorry... It is sometimes so nice to stay in the present moment, there is no time and thought to hold the moment in a picture! But our friends who joined from the Austrian mountains send me a picture, so this we can look and enjoy ;-)

Om Namah Shivaya,
Boris & the team of Yogacenter Ganesha

Bournemouth (UK)

With World Yoga Day coming up I was nervous that no-one would attend my outdoor event, as the week before Britain had come to a complete standstill due to a small flurry of snow.
On the day however, we were blessed with beautiful sunshine bouncing off the calm sea and warming the sands of Bournemouth beach.
A similar number to last year's dozen turned up, and after we'd all taken off layers of clothing meant to protect us from the wind and cold, we then set of smoothly moving through most of the standing postures that Yoga has to offer.
There was a great atmosphere, and many passers-by stopped to watch, smiling, and possibly a little envious at our little moment in the sun.
After raising our temperatures enough to let us want to stop, we sat for a few moments gazing at and/or listening to the waves. It was a perfect end to a lovely practice.
Within an hour of us finishing it was raining; we really had been in the right place at the  right time.

Keith Grant

Nora, Baden (Switzerland)

Liebe Samira
Wir waren von Baden, einem kleinen Städtchen in der Schweiz, aus mit
dabei und hatten in einem kleinen Grüppchen zwei wundervolle Stunden.
Den gesammelten Betrag von €150.00 haben wir soeben auf das angegebene
Bankkonto in Zimbabwe überwiesen.
Vielen herzlichen Dank für deine Arbeit für den Weltyogatag. Wir werden
nächstes Jahr bestimmt wieder mit dabei sein.

Mit lieben Grüssen

British International School of Stavanger (Norway)

WYD in Stavanger“Today we unite with all yogis and yoginis around the world during this 24 hour relay practice of yoga, holding the people of Zimbabwe in our hearts. In the same way as the ripples in a pond spread when a stone is thrown in the water, our hope is that in a similar way, by joining together the ripples we make here today will spread to Zimbabwe.

With our generosity … in mind, spirit and offerings we trust that these ripples will reach the people of Zimbabwe so that that they may feel supported and know that they are not forgotten by all in the rest of the world.

WYD in StavangerWe shall now light two candles, one for the people in Zimbabwe and one for the many others in the world who too, need our thoughts and compassion as badly.”

With these words we started our two hour Yoga practice – a deepening mixture of Vedic chanting and asanas in Iyengar-, Shivananda- and Viniyoga style. About 20 persons showed up and brought their voices and spirits together in the British International School of Stavanger, Norway, which entrusted us the music loft for free. The donations added up to about 4000 Norwegian Kroner (a little more than 400 €) but further donations are still coming in.

We are very happy to have been able to participate in the WYD again this year,
3 Yoga Teachers in Stavanger
Yoga teachers in Stavanger
Christel Gibbs, Zigi Houston, Klaudia Achenbach-Wege

Reports from Japan

Click here for feedback from Japan:

Yoga at the Park (Australia)

Hi Samira,

We had a wonderful World Yoga day here in Australia, with much publicity in newspapers as well!
Could you please let us know how we can forward our donations to you, we would prefer to transfer funds directly into you account if that suits you.
Thank you for organising this great idea, we look forward to joining you again next year.

Love and light
Anita Mikedis

Covent Garden, London (UK)

We had a lovely day, with our yoga practice being held at Dragon Hall in Covent Garden where I usually teach my group classes.  I was pleased to see students making the journey in on a Sunday morning and do the full 2 hours of yoga, which I believe was a first for some of them. The whole group also managed to meditate for quite a long time - tuning into the positive global energy! Many thanks for organizing this day. Om Shanti, Sejel

I have just transferred funds to your paypal acc.  We didn't  take a pic so I am sending you a nice one of an Om.

Om Shaanti 

Caoimhe Whelan, Dublin (Ireland)

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I held a World Yoga Day yoga session at Lotus Yoga in Dublin, and raised 180 euro for Zimbabwe. I'll transfer it to the account later today. Despite the bad weather (some of those who had planned to attend were snowed in!), nine hardy yogis braved the elements and participated. We had a lovely relaxed morning and were happy to be taking part in the event and raising money for a very worthy cause.

I'll look forward to doing it again next year!

Hari Om

Viva Sports, Mallorca (Spain)

Just wanted to confirm that we raised 232.00 euros towards the cause... we enjoyed a fantastic yoga session, where everyone was so focused and yet just enjoying the moment!  I believe the energy that was circulating the globe this day was so good!!
I shal be sending the donation tomorrow...
Here is a photo for the record from us at Viva Sports, Mallorca.

Very glad to have been a part in 2009...

Susanne Steiger (Chile)

leider waren es dieses jahr nur 2 yogaschulen in ganz chile!!! patagom, in pto.natales (meine) und sivananda in  punta arenas, eine freundin
beide schule aus patagonien
wie letztes jahr,war es suuper..voller prana, herze
hatten ayurvedamassagekurs intensiv den ganze tag, dazwischen 2 std "geyogelt"
herzlichen dank

liebe gruesse
susanne steiger

SarvaYoga and workout-Pforzheim, Pforzheim (Germany)

SarvaYoga and workout-Pforzheim got together.

We all enjoyed the day very much. The spirit transferred to each of us when many different styles met and practiced together. We could send 315 € to Cont Mhlanga. All are looking forward to the WYD 2010 and are sure it will be a very special day again.

Thanks a lot to you and your team to make all this happen.


World Yoga Day 2008

While China is fast developing into a global super-power, the human rights situation in China is still cause for concern. Therefore, in 2008 World Yoga Day decided to support AI's Human Rights for China campaign.

Donation so far

37,085.45 US$ (23,394.22 €)

Feedback from schools which have participated

River Bourne Health Club Chertsey, Surrey (UK)

On Sunday 3rd February I was joined by three very special friends and teachers: Garry Freer, Sandy Lee and Debbie Wherlock. We shared the running of two Yoga classes in parallel between 11am and 1 pm at the River Bourne Health club in Chertsey, Surrey with 60 people attending. Celebrating World Yoga Day, we raised £650 for Amnesty International and had an enjoyable two hours of Yoga. I would like to thank all those attending and the teachers that made it possible. I’d also like to thank my dear friends Linda Lowe and Richard Barham for helping with the marketing and organisation of our successful day.

Thank you for inviting us to join you in this very worthy and important event.

Heather George

Yoga Vidya (Germany)

Über 1200 Euro Spenden von Yoga Vidya

Für Yoga Vidya war der Welt Yoga Tag ein ganz besonderer, weil er, "was für ein Zufall" mit dem Geburtstag von unserem Vorsitzenden und Gründer Sukadev zusammenfiel. So waren alle Mitarbeiter in den Ashrams in Bad Meinberg und dem Westerwald und die vielen angeschlossenen Zentren in ganz Deutschland besonders motiviert. Insgesamt kamen rund 300 Teilnehmer zu den offenen Stunden zu Yoga Vidya und beteiligten sich an der Aktion für die Menschenrechte in China. Zum Schluss konnten 1200 Euro Spendengelder aus den Yoga Vidya Zentren zu Amnesty International überwiesen werden. Der dritte Februar 2008 stand ganz im Zeichen und der Energie des Yoga, ein Zeichen für den Frieden und das Licht auf Erden. Es war ein gut gewähltes Datum und eine gelungene Aktion.

Yogacenter Ganesha, Wien (Austria)

Dear Samira,

I just finished the transfer from 400Euro from Yogacenter Ganesha in Vienna Austria! We had a very nice, joyful and energetic World Yoga Day. We started chanting one Peace Mantra "Om Namo Narayanaya" connected our energy with the Idea of Peace and human Right in China and continued with a led class of the first series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for all levels of students. 24 students joined the event and me (Boris) and Nadja were teaching the class. We also made some pictures but I still don't see the upload place on the homepage to share them with you! The collected donation from 272Euro was rounded up to 400Euro by the teachers of the Yogacenter!
Thank you for the great idea and organisation of such a beautiful event!


Yoga Okoboji, Okoboji, Iowa (USA)

Thanks Samira.

These pictures are from Yoga Okoboji in Okoboji, Iowa, USA.

We were very happy to be part of this wonderful event!

Janine Gustafson

More photos of the WYD 2008 at Yoga Okoboji are in the photo album.

Sacha Yoga Schule, Oberursel (Germany)

Wir, die Schüler und Lehrer der Sacha Yoga Schule, möchten uns ganz herzlich bei den Initiatoren des WeltYogaTages bedanken – das ist wirklich eine super Idee! Und wir freuen uns sehr, dass wir dabei waren! Es waren zwei wirklich sehr schöne Stunden, die mit einer kurzen Meditation begannen, gefolgt von einer Asana-Stunde mit anschließendem Pranayama. Zum Schluß haben wir noch mehrere Kirtans gesungen - begleitet vom Harmonium und Marions wunderschöner Stimme!

YOGA, was für Einheit und Harmonie, für Verbindung von Körper und Geist, Atmung und Bewegung steht, sich ausdehnen und -weiten zu lassen und durch einen 24-Stunden Yoga-Marathon Ländern und Nationen zu vereinen, scheinbare Grenzen zu überschreiten und Verbindung zu schaffen für Frieden und Gerechtigkeit, Miteinander und Füreinander, für Freiheit, Verbundenheit und Einssein - ist einfach genial!!!
Vielen DANK!
Sacha Yoga

More photos of the WYD 2008 at Sacha Yoga are in the photo album.

Susanne Steiger (Chile)

Hallo liebes team,

Ich wohne in Chile und nahm heute an diesem wundervollen tag teil...
es war eine tolle erfahrung, dieses zu organsieren und letztendlich mit 19 !!! ( das ist fuer hier echt viel, ich wohne in patagonien am ende der welt)diese friedliche energie zu teilen. Eine yogastunde und dann auch noch eine kleiner satsang, wir sangen mantras fuer den weltfrieden. Vielen dank fuer die spitze idee...

ich wuerde die spendenbox auch noch gerne paar tage stehen lassen fuer die yoguis, die heute nicht konnten

Susanne Steiger

Yoga Group Reutlingen Tübingen, Reutlingen Tübingen (Germany)

Greetings from the Yoga Group in Reutlingen Tübingen.

We took part in the World Yoga Day. A profoundly beautiful and moving experience for all of us with such a powerful energy linking all the different countries together. We have some lovely photographs taken by teacher Renate Ulmer which we would love to share with you all. Can you help up place them up on the website as we couldn´t find a suitable link. We would also love to see photos from other yoga groups around the world.

The photos are from the rooms of TAREMAY in Pfullingen.

With love from the Regional Group in Reutlingen, Tübingen.

More photos of the WYD 2008 at Yoga Group in Reutlingen Tübingen are in the photo album.

Peter, Palmerston North (New Zealand)

Hi Samira

We had a great time celebrating World Yoga Day in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Thank you for organising this event. We have donations of NZ$127.50 which I will attempt to deposit via Paypal. A photo of our class is attached.
We look forward to next year's World Yoga Day!


Sarva Yoga, Pforzheim (Germany)

Hi Samira,

I would like to thank you and your team for the effort on the WYD.
Attached you find a pictures of my little group. We all enjoyed that class so much and we are still talking about it.It was a great pleasure to be part of it and we are looking forward to the WYD 2009.


Bournemouth (UK)

It was one of the coldest days of the year, with huge rolling seas and an icy wind blowing, but what an inspiring place to practice yoga. Bournemouth has some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK so why not challenge ourselves to keeping warm so that we could get some top quality air in our lungs I thought. A dozen people turned up to support the event - some of them for their first yoga session! I'm sure we' have had more if it was summer or if we were indoors, but I was impressed by the dedication of those who did attend, especially as some were still recovering from a late Saturday night! Getting some funny looks from the dog walkers and joggers we set of at a fair pace through large amount of the yoga repertoire of standing postures and soon got the heat up. Wrapped up in layers of wintery clothing, and practicing in footwear on sand didn't make it easy to access many postures, and the southerly wind blasting us from the sea really challenged us in the balances but a sense of humour at the situation pervaded the session. I really felt for some people who hadn't brought gloves and so finished early so we could all go for a hot drink feeling totally positive about the whole experience. We raised £50 and I'm sure that more than a few of us had very tired leg muscles. Well done to everyone.

Keith Grant

Yogaraum Dachau, Dachau (Germany)

Auch wir waren dabei!

Am Sonntag, 03. Februar 2008 haben wir im Yogaraum Dachau anlässlich des 2. Weltyogatags zwischen
11.00 und 13.00 Uhr Yoga praktiziert, meditiert, getönt entspannt und uns bei Tee und Gebäck
ausgetauscht. Die Atmosphäre war sehr harmonisch, die Verbindung zu allen anderen Praktizierenden auf
der ganzen Welt war deutlich spürbar. Die eingegangenen Spenden werden wir auf das Konto von
Amnesty International zugunsten der Wahrung der Menschenrechte in China überweisen.
In 2009 sind wir wieder dabei!!!

Jutta Hühne und Andrea Haag
vom Yogaraum Dachau.

Yoga Centrum Anjali, Heiloo (The Netherlands)

We hebben afgelopen zondag een hele goede en energieke 2 uur durende yogasessies gehouden voor Amnesty International.Het idee dat die dag zoveel mensen met dezelfde inzet yoga zouden doen sprak een groot aantal mensen aan.
Ik ben de les begonnen met de "shanti mantra" en de mensen waren erg onder de indruk van het effect. Zelfs de kinderen voor wie het eerst natuurlijk vreemd was zongen mee.
Daarna werd een algemen Iyengar yogales gegeven: rekken en strekken en balans afgewisseld met naar binnen kijken en ervaren. Niet voor iedereen was deze aktieve vorm van yoga bekend en menig zweet druppeltje werd er weggeveegd.
Aan het einde van de sessie hebben we een tijd gemediteerd.Tibetaanse gebedsvlaggen en de uitleg hierover waren als leidraad genomen om de meditatie in te gaan. Afgesloten werd met 10 minuten zingen van de "shanti mantra", en het kippevel stond ons op de armen. Heel ontroerend!! Om het voor de kinderen wat makkelijker te maken trad onze dochter Meru op als kinder oppas en heeft met de kinderen ansicht kaarten gemaakt die ik samen met de petitielijsten zal op sturen naar het betreffende adres. Hopenlijk vinden de betreffende gevangene ze net zo prachtig als wij. Ik heb de hele week ons roze spaarvarken laten staan en veel mensen die zondag niet konden komen hebben alsnog een bijdrage in het varkentje gedaan. Het geld wordt zo snel mogelijk aan jullie overgemaakt. Ik hoop dat de foto's voor zich spreken.
Nog heel veel plezier met de afwikkeling van alle organisatorische "rompslomp"
Om shanti om

Miriam Imming
Yoga Centrum Anjali

Yogawerkstatt, Wien (Austria)

Einen wunderschönen guten Tag,

Wir hatten eine sehr schöne Vinyasa Flow Einheit mit anschliessendem gemeinsamen Pot Luck Frühstück anlässlich des World Yoga Day!
Es war ein schöner Sonntag, den uns auch die Sonne mit Ihrer Anwesenheit versüsst hat. Wie haben 105 EUR an Amnesty International überwiesen.

Bis auf nächstes Jahr.
Romana und Sascha

Klinik Königshof, Krefeld (Germany)

Sat Nam Samira,

Mein Angebot für den World-Yoga-Tag hat im Klinik Königshof im Krefeld statt gefunden. Es haben 13 Personen teil genommen, außer deutschen Teilnehmen war eine Frau aus Bulgarien, eine aus Litauen, eine aus den USA und eine aus Polen. Wir haben eine Aufwärmübungsreihe für Gelenken aus meinen Skript, ein Yoga Set für starke Nerven und zwei Meditationen: für das Herzheilung und Heilungsmeditation (allgemein) aus Kundalini Yoga gemacht. Es war eine heitere Atmosphäre. Die Teilnehmer haben für Amnesty International 125,00 € gespendet.

Hiermit möchte ich der Leitung von Klinik Königshof bedanken, dass Sie uns den Raum zu Verfügung gestellt haben.

Mit schönen Grüßen
Felicja Faustyna
Yoga Lehrerin 3HO, BDY

bYoga, Wien (Austria)

Namasté Samira,

We too had a wonderful time on World Yoga Day 2008. The day went very well and the Yoginis and Yogis who attended were very happy to participate. After asana, pranayama and meditation we were chanting OM for everybody in the world which was very touching. Enclosed find a picture of the participants showing their happy and relaxed faces. Thank you for organising such a wonderful event and we are all looking forward to WYD 2009!

Love from Vienna


World Yoga Day 2007

In 2007 we joined forces with Medica mondiale ( to contribute to the elimination of violence against women and girls in Afghanistan.

Donation so far

14,657 € ( 19,731 US$)

Feedback from Afghanistan

Picture of national staff of medica mondiale in Mazar Farzya and GityWe are so touch by your support and generosity - and thank you so much for dedicated this to medica mondiale Afghanistan. I would like to say that I work in the provinces and that there are days when the women still feel that they are isolated or the struggle is long and hard. I always try to encourage that they are not alone and really the world is very much with them in spirit, in the soul. This they find a great source of support. So its thank you not only from mm but from the Afghan women in the communities, in NGOs, local shura women, young girls. And, you will also be pleased to know that I have been touch our women yoga for relaxation and the connecting with themselves.

Picture of welcome to the Minister of Women's Affairs to a National Network meetingI am enclosing two pictures for you. One is of two National staff of mm in Mazar Farzya and Gity, with our UNHCR colleague working hard on setting out the invites for the 5th National Network meeting of the Afghan Women Rights Defenders. The second picture is the welcome to the Minister of Women's Affairs to the National Network meeting where over 150 Afghan women participated from 15 provinces in Mazar. This picture shows UNHCR, mm, women's NGOs, women from the community, children from orphanages, working together to make this event a success.

in peace and harmony and strenght


Feedback from schools which have participated

Brahma Kumaris, Maastricht (Holland)

We are with you today.
With greetings of peace.

Brahma Kumaris Maastricht-Holland
Roos Nabben

Yogaschule Ganesha, Philippsburg (Germany)

Ein sehr schöner Tag geht nun langsam zu Ende. Man konnte die Energie förmlich knistern hören und vor allem sehr gut spüren. Es war bei uns sehr schön. Ich habe eine ganz kleine Yogaschule und habe leider nur 11 Personen unterrichten können - aber immerhin fanden die Yoginis diese Idee ganz toll und es war eine sehr schöne Yogastunde, in der wir alle Energie an Menschen in Not geschickt haben und die ganze Konzentration auf den World Yoga Day gerichtet hatten. Wir haben mit Regen und Sturm begonnen - und während der Yogastunde ist es immer schöner geworden, bis alle Wolken weg waren und nur noch die Sonne für uns und die ganze Welt da war. Viel Licht und Liebe für alle.
Anbei auch Bilder von mir und der Yogaklasse, die sich heute beteiligt hatte. Ich weiß noch nicht, wie viel Geld wir zusammen haben, denn ich möchte die Spendenbox noch bis Mitte der Woche stehen lassen - für die, die nicht an der Yogastunde teilnehmen konnten, aber trotzdem noch spenden möchten.

Bis die Tage und liebe Grüße

The Yoga Centre, Yellowknife (Canada)

The day went very well and everybody was very happy to participate. Some of them want some receipts. Please let me know exactly how it will work for the receipts because in your last email I understood that t is possible but will it be that you send me a bunch of signed receipts and I give them to those who need them? Please let me know.

The Yoga Centre,Yellowknife, Northwest Territories,Canada

Yoga Arts, Thessaloniki (Greece)

We too, had a wonderful and very touching morning, in Sunny Greece, at YOGA ARTS. About 30 people were in the class, but also many others were sitting on their own joining the meditation. It went well so here are some ideas that helped us. We started with reading that helped us realise how grateful we should be for our current situation. After opening our hearts with gratitude and commenting on how difficult it is to be truly happy when there is still pain on earth, -as energy travels and affects us all to some degree, we read the information about the Yoga Day and the situation of the people concerned -the women victims in Afghanistan. Then a leading meditation helped the participant to first make peace with their heart, by letting their small self melt into the 'big', loving, caring, compassionate Self. After that we brought images of people, to our mind, ╢seeingâ•˙ them happy, peaceful and shining in light. First our parents, grandparents, friends, family -either alive or in spirit. Then we thought of people we know, that are in pain or need. People that we dislike or hate, embracing them with our kindness and wishing them the best. People we meet in the street, in the city, anywhere. We let our thought-energy spread like soft mist covering the city, the land and embracing the earth. Then we let it concentrate in Afghanistan and flow into every house or corner to bring peace and comfort, relief and courage, hope and the feeling that help will come, so: hold on. We though of all the people that have the power to impose cruelty on others and we wished, very strongly, that light fills their heads and humanity their hearts, realizing that if they are cured, changes will happen very quickly. Another realisation was that we are responsible, not only for what we do, but also for what we do NOT DO. All those having so much energy to throw away, could use a little of it to the welfare of others. All those having hearts full of love and have nowhere to give it, can find people starving for it. Not to speak of all the material waste. We thought that just to devote two hours of our work, -our job's profits, for a good cause is pleasing and relieving for ourselves as well.

We will soon post the donations, as the box is open until Thursday night, for the ones who could not be present on Sunday. Thank you a lot for organising this wonderful project. May the benefit of the day, reach all the people in the most efficient and effective way.

Aum Shanti

Tulsi Yogaschule Trauenstein (Germany)

Leider nur 7 Leute, aber intensiv!

Herzliche Grüße,

City Yoga, Graz (Austria)

om namah shivayah!

Unser World Yoga Day in Graz war wunderschön. Nach einer wunderschönen Yogastunde mit Partnerübungen, um die gegenseitige Unterstützung zu erleben, haben wir noch eine Stunde Mantren gesungen und meditiert.
Anbei ein paar Fotos!

Udesha Andrea
vom City Yoga in Graz und Leiterin von spiritofyoga

Yoga Hamburg, Hamburg (Germany)

Noch einmal vielen Dank für die wunderbare Idee! Wir hatten viel Spaß und überweisen 200 Euro - 110 Euro von den Teilnehmern und den Rest vom Yoga Hamburg.

Liebe Grüße
Marina Pagel

YogaKenya (Kenya)

Herewith some pictures of our little yoga day contribution. The blurry image is kept on purpose because of its beautiful colors :)

Pictures courtesy of Linda and Julien. Standing from left to right view: Ashish, Snehal, Kartik, Dave, Mia, Sapna. Seated from left to right view: Joseph, Sonal, Lut, Julien, Linda, Collin.

One of the ladies who could not attend, sent us the two chocolate cakes that you see ;) I provided herbal teas and other refreshments. We are a little lot here and Yoga is not the biggest priority for people in Kenya. I try to cater to the little people here who do not have the resouces to attend the expatriate packed glitzy yoga classes here. Some of our participants are voluntary aid workers who do their charitable bits in their own ways. I think it was beautiful that at least these few felt to give their time to a cause we dont quite think about because we have our own problems in Kenya. (one of them - Julien, came to class straight from the airport from a work mission!) Some local lady students did not participate as it was felt that charity begins at home and we have our fair lot of issues with womens rights at the moment. Also the event was a clash with the World Social Forum going on here so publicity had other priorities in this capatilistic world era that we live in. Talking about capitalism... we rented the studio, gave complimentaries to some of our participants and of course, this is a taxable income in kenya for me. Yoga is not a social priority, although i try my best to promote what i can. The bank charges for a Money Transfer will take us into a negative balance. I feel a bit embarrased to say, when i look at your emails of what has been collected that we have less than 50 US dollars. What do you suggest? We could try to make a direct contribution locally to a refugee project for women? Kenya harbours refugees from the great lakes areas (Angola,Congo,Burundi, Rwanda), Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. I personally know some refugee ladies looking for funds to begin their own little self sustaining projects. I can try to find in time, a way to send you our contribution with someone trusted going to Germany? What do you suggest?

I am writting too much now
I wish you well,I wish you peace, Kartik

Hier & Jetzt Yogazentrum, Gummersbach (Germany)

Wir haben heute den Erlös in Höhe von 160 Euro auf dein Konto überwiesen. Wir haben ein kleines Yogazentrum in Gummersbach (Nähe Köln) seit 1 Jahr. Wir sind sehr glücklich über das immer größer werdende Interesse an Yoga und Meditation. Bei uns haben 11 Personen den WYD miterlebt, d.h. der Raum war voll :-). Durch die weltweite Verbindung haben wir sehr viel Energie gespürt und die Asanas intensiver erlebt. Der World Yoga Day war eine tolle Idee und wir werden nächstes Jahr wieder dabei sein.

Om namaha shivaya & liebe Grüsse
Frank und Andrea

Sarah Toward-Choi, Galway (Ireland)

we had a great day here in Galway, Ireland. People turned out even though the weather was awful! Participation was limited as it was the start of the year & difficult to get everyone notified in time, so we didn't raise as much as we'd hoped. Every little counts I guess! We're proud to contribute to your noble cause, albeit in a minor way. Please let me know where to send the cheque & who to make it payable to.

Sarah Toward-Choi

Bikram Yoga Altona, Hamburg (Germany)

Noch mal ein dickes „Hut-ab“ vor Deiner Leistung! Die Organisation war super, die Idee sowieso. Wir lassen die Spendenbox noch ein paar Tage hier am Empfang stehen (da kommt ja vielleicht noch der ein oder andere Euro dazu) und überweisen dann den Gesamtbetrag.
Ansonsten – hier ein paar Impressionen von der World-Yoga-Day-Klasse. Im nächsten Jahr sind wir wieder gerne dabei.

Besten Gruß aus Hamburg
Namaste, Claudia

Atmavikasa, Mysore (India)

As promised we-the staff of atmavikasa- celeberated the Yoga day at an orphanage with little children. We all practised together for about an hour. Thank you for sharing your spirit with all of us, and the children are very happy as well.


Yoga Oase, Geldern (Germany)

wir alle, die heute in der Yoga-Oase in Geldern am Yoga-Tag beteiligt waren, danken Dir ganz herzlich für Dein Engagement. Wir hatten eine sehr schöne Yogastunde und Friedensmeditation. Alle meinen, dass wir das jetzt jedes Jahr machen sollten. Ich habe 223 € eingesammelt.

Herzlichen Gruß

Levitate Yoga, New York City (USA)

We are thrilled to be a part of this amazing event! We hope to have contributed to the success of this campaign and future campaigns.


The class went so well today! We had 16 participants, and held a partner yoga class, that was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, no pictures were taken, as not everyone was comfortable being photographed. We are so very honored to be a part of such a noble cause! Keep up the good work!

Jai Ma

Doris Böckmann, Intensivtraining und Coaching, Cloppenburg (Germany)

Auch wir hier in Cloppenburg hatten einen wunderbaren Yoga-Tag. Eine Stunde Basic-Yoga und eine Stunde Kundalini-Yoga. Das Mantra-Singen war für einige Teilnehmer eine ganz neue Erfahrung. Die Summe von Euro 100,00 überweise ich in den nächsten Tagen auf das angegebene Konto.


Under the light Yoga, Tokyo (Japan)

This is the report of world yoga day from japan:
Yesterday we have 30 students for this great event"world yoga day". The class theme was "union". We start class from chanting three Om. We did some special asana for this day. One of them was "skydiving" We grave hands each other and did
virabhadrasana all togather. Please check the photo. We'll sent you donation 30000yen as soon as possible.
wishing whole school which participated this great event continue to make peaceful wave to all around the world. Thank you so much for this great idea.

director, Shin

Pluspol, Esslingen (Germany)

Hallo Samira,
wollte dir noch ein feedback von uns geben......leider waren wir wegen Krankheit etc. am Sonntag nur zu fünft, hatten aber trotzdem sehr schöne 2 Stunden. Es hat auch noch eine Journalistin der Lokalzeitung teilgenommen. Zeitungsbericht habe ich angehängt. Werde heute oder morgen das Geld überweisen.

Viele liebe Grüsse

The Lotus Healing Centre in Essendon, Melbourne (Australia)

hi There,
We had a wonderful World Yoga Day! THe energy was great.. numbers were slightly down as many were still away on vacation. We had close to 30 people but only raised $31, not all people gave a gold coin donation, which was ashame, but i guess it all helps! You all did a marvellous job in getting this up & going! We look forward to being apart of WYD next year!

Vicki Nguyen

Delphis, Domenica (Carribean)

I participated in World Yoga Day with my Yoga Class from Rainbow Yoga, Dominica. We spent a lovely 2 hours in the Botanical Gardens, in the shade of our national tree, doing yoga and soaking up nature, connected to all our fellow-yogis directly through mother earth herself. We took up a collection and I would like to make a donation on behlaf of Rainbow Yoga, Dominica. Do you have a paypal account where I can send the money? I visited your website, but did not see info for how to send in a donation.

Thanks so much,

Inken Schuett, Krefeld (Germany)

The day was a great success. All the students felt inspired to devoted their yoga class to women who are in need. We were a class of ten and collected 120,00 Euro. The Red Cross helped us kindely with the room. The other uplifting experience was that there is not just our group but hundrets of more who are doing yoga exactly the same time with the same spirit.

Thanks to you for your engagement
Best wishes and love

Yoga Association in Helsinki (Finnland)

We noticed the information about the World Yoga Day just too late in order to participate this year. For the next year´s Day we would be happy to join in.

With warm regards
Leena Karmakallio

Schöne Augenblicke (Germany)

Liebe Samira,
ich danke dir für die lieben war ein sehr besonderer Yogatag für uns. Wir waren 10 Personen, alt, jung, Männer und Frauen.Ich habe am Schluß meines Yogasets eine Heilmeditation gemacht. Wir haben helles, heilendes Licht an alle Frauen und Mädchen und an alle notleidenden Menschen geschickt. Mein Raum und unsere Herzen haben sich erhellt!Danke euch für die Organisation. Danke das wir uns beteiligen konnten!

Wunderschöne Zeit

ATODS Health Promotion, Sunshine Coast (Australia)

We had local news footage aswel and the paper has done a story. It was a really beautiful class, let me know if you would like more info on the day for the website or other locations?

Kind Regards

Aswaya Yoga Zentrum, Baden-Baden (Germany)

Zuerst mal möchte ich mich bei dir für deine Idee und deren Umsetzung bedanken. Bereits frühmorgens beim Meditieren habe ich eine wunderbare verbundenheit gespührt und war sehr dankbar das ich meinen Teil zum ganzen beitragen darf. Das Bewustsein, das weltweit Menschen für die selbe Sache eintreten ist gigantisch...DANKE.
Leider war die Reaktion eher mäßig, es waren nur vier Teilnehmer gekommen. Trozdessen war die Session sehr schön und der Spirrit kam an. Aswaya Yoga Zentrum ist auf jeden fall wieder dabei! Den Erlös Überweise ich dir auf das angegebene Konto.

Herzlichen Gruß, Licht & Liebe

Klaudia Achenbach-Wege, Hafrsfjord (Norway)

I’m Klaudia Achenbach-Wege and I am a German Yoga teacher (BDY/EYU) living in Norway since July 2006. As I came to know about the World Yoga Day at the beginning of January there was no one signed in in Norway. I was strongly surprised. So I took the opportunity to get in touch with other Yoga teachers and to spread the spirit of Yoga doing something for others t o g e t he r. Some teacher picked up the idea and got involved. That’s how Zigi, Christel, Connie and I got in contact and had a “joint venture”. Every one of us is teaching Yoga differently following different traditions but put together it turned out to be a wonderful complement to each other. The students and we really enjoyed these 2 hours and we are looking forward to WORLD YOGA DAY 2008.

śānti śānti śānti

Inner Smile, Bad Schwalbach (Germany)

War ein guter Spendenerfolg, immerhin € 135.

Tina Sunita

Kasia Strupiechowska, Warsaw (Poland)

We had a really wonderful practice
full of joy, happiness and love.
We hope that we managed to send this energy
into the sky.

Yogaschule MIRA, Essen (Germany)

Hallo Samira,
danke für diese wunderbare Idee des Weltyogatages. Wir hatten eine friedvolle Yogazeit mit Asanas und Meditation. Nächstes Jahr sind wir wieder dabei.

Herzliche Grüße an alle

Ananda Yoga, Triesen (Liechtenstein)

Wir hatten einen wunderschönen Sonntag. Haben mit einer schönen Meditation gestartet und mit einer Stunde Yoga abgeschlossen. Wir hatten Tee, haben viel gelacht, war echt super. Wir waren 15 Leute, und ich kann es kaum glauben, wir haben CHF 630.00 zusammengebracht, also ich bin total stolz auf die Teilnehmer. Noch ein Bild von der Gruppe im Anhang, wollten nicht alle aufs Bild. Werde das Geld in den nächsten Tagen überweisen. Wir sind nächstes Mal sicher wieder dabei.

Liebe Grüsse aus Liechtenstein

Yoga Sutra, Hamburg (Germany)

Erstmal - tausend dank für diese wunderbare idee und all die schöne energie, die ihr in ihre verwirklichung gesteckt habt! ich hatte gestern 8 yogis in meiner klasse im sutra (hamburg), und wir haben unseren Astanga Practice unter dem motto "dankbarkeit und mitgefühl" unseren lehrern und den menschen gewidmet, die unsere hilfe benötigen. es war ein großartiges gefühl, teil dieser um die ganze welt gehenden yoga-welle zu sein! Im wahrsten sinne des wortes herz-ergreifend. Es kamen 130 € an spenden zusammen, die ich morgen auf euer konto überweisen werden.

Alles Liebe an Dich und das Team,

Black Moutain Zen Centre, Belfast (Northern Ireland)

We all had a lovely time in Belfast too, and I've transferred £150 to Sejel in London. Will send photos soon. What a lovely peaceful way to spend a Sunday morning, dedicating our practice to the benefit of others. And people have really opened up to it - I've received donations from people who couldn't attend, and indeed who have never been to a yoga class!

All the best

Yoga und Persoenlichkeitsentwicklung Brombachtal (Germany)

the workshop today was fully successful with 17 participants, all women. I received 277 Euro which will be transfered to the account you mentioned. It was a wonderful idea from you. I am happy that I could do something for the women in Afghanistan.

All the best to you.
Monica Seban

Todd Kirkwood (Kosovo)

Your site wouldn't allow me to register Kosovo so we are listed under Serbia :-)
My normal class averages 45 students so this was small for me. I am the only one out here doing this and people love it. I have requested from the Special Forces Units out here to teach them as well but have a full time job to boot.
Good for all of your efforts and the idea to bring the world together this way. Hope that little bit of money helps.

Yoga Wien, Vienna (Austria)

ich werde Dir die kommenden Tage die Einnahmen überweisen, danke für die tolle Idee,

alles Liebe
Jutta Mittermayer

Karuna Yoga, Fürth (Germany)

Wir hatten den World Yoga Day aufgeteilt in eine Stunde Hatha Yoga und eine Stunde Mantren Singen (Bhakti Yoga). Gabi hat Harfe gespielt und wurde von Herbert auf der Gitarre begleitet. Es waren 7 bzw. 8 Teilnehmer. Insgesamt wurden 98,00 Euro gespendet, die ich dir eben auf dein Sparkassenkonto überwiesen habe.

Liebe Grüße aus Franken,
p.s.: mit dem World Yoga Day habe ich den Yogaraum eingeweiht

Body Maintenance Studio in Balmain, Sydney (Australia)

We had a successful world yoga day class yesterday. 10 students braved the 40 degree heat and Dominique gave a beautiful practice with lots of cooling poses. $ 295 was raised and I will deposit the funds into findyoga’s account today. Hope it was a HUGE success.


Bikram Yoga Vienna (Austria)

We have just transferred 360 Euros to the World Yoga Day Bannk Account. Is it possible to get some type of receipt or similar for that money? Thank you.
I hope that the charity event was a big success.