A simple but very true saying: together we are strong! Here we are letting you know who the original team is.

Samira Radsi

Samira is a film director and yoga teacher living in Berlin, Germany. One Saturday morning after a long night with little sleep she was counting milk bubbles in her Cappuccino when the idea for World Yoga Day popped out of nowhere. When the fabulous Sandra, Bjoern and Lei joined her the idea started to walk. The milk bubble count was 6844.

Sandra von Lieven

Sandra is a freelancing interaction designer and graphic design teacher living and working in Berlin, Germany. Of course she's an enthusiastic yogi too and always searching for projects that actually do make a difference. She's still not sure if someday – maybe – she will be a yoga teacher too, but until then she will be designing web sites, shirts, flyers, dvd-covers, yoga mats, business cards, brochures, and maybe… milk bubbles?

Bjoern Wyrich

Björn, an IT professional, is also living in Berlin, his favorite city in Germany. He did his very best to set up this accessible website for Samiras great idea of a WORLD YOGA DAY for charity and he is still the webmaster who keeps it going on.